Brazil - The Jungle / The Dolphin Lodge 1
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These photos are from our trip into the Amazon Jungle and the Dolphin Lodge where we stayed for four days.
The Dolphin Lodge
The Amazon Queen.
Our starting point to our journey upriver.  Boat / Bus / Boat to get to the Dolphin Lodge.
High water marks from flooding..
Our point of departure from Manaus.
The banks of the Amazon river.
Where the two rivers meet.  The brown is the Amazon and the blue is the Rio Negro rivers.
Our first rain shower.
This is where we are.
Bob Lee leads the charge.
Candy Lee and Michelle
The water line on the tree is the high point during the rainy season.  It is
a difference of 75 feet to where the river was when we were there.
Cashew nut
Reading material from home
Our room and the view to the river.
With Moe the owner of the lodge.
The common room
The drink of choice and our bar tab....
Michelle's buddy